5 years ago in late September, Fermentoren opened its doors for the first time, and through the years we have grown to be not only one of Copenhagen’s better beer bars, but also a neighborhood bar where many Copenhagen’ers have their weekly pints.


In order to celebrate our 5th year anniversary, we have called in all favors, pulled out all the stops to bring you Fermentoren’s Flying Circus!


This festival is going to stretch throughout the entire weekend of the 30th of September to the 1st of October. We have invited 20 of the world’s best breweries to come and display their best work and help us celebrate.


We wanted to do things a little bit differently and put a real Fermentoren spin on it, so we decided to divide the event into different parts in order to catch the spirit of our little bar.

The location is Copenhagen Skatepark which has everything we are looking for in a location. Spacious set-up, large ramps, great outdoor area etc. We will provide loads of seating, great music, food for purchase from some of Copenhagen's finest vendors and general shenanigans! We will transform the park into Fermentoren’s Flying Circus with all the bells and whistles. Expect circus themed décor, giant disco balls, beach balls, inflated plastic crocodiles. YOU NAME IT! This is after all supposed to be a party!


Throughout Friday and Saturday daytime, there will be two sessions pr day with the finest beers our contributing brewers can offer. Lots of variety and super rare stuff. Prices and tickets of these sessions will be posted as soon as these are available.


After the sessions are over the Circus will open again for the general public. We will charge 50 kr at the door to get in (these tickets will be sold online along with tickets for the sessions) and from here the party really gets going. We will have 40 taps of beer, sold by the glass at Fermentoren prices. There will be bands (see below), DJs and just a grand party to help us celebrate. The party will kick off at 9 pm and end at 4 am both days. The beers at this party will be more focused on session drinking, so don’t think you will be drinking pints of Yellow Belly Sundae all night.


As the entire fest is circus themed, we encourage all participants to dress up a bit for the occasion and help keep things just a little bit more ridiculous.


So see you all on the 30th of September and 1st of October.



Call us: + 800 922 1150

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